The Story of Mundo Business Solutions

Julia Mundo, founder of Mundo Business Solutions

Julia Mundo, Founder

It started in the Dominican Republic, when two of the most important people in my life ― my mother and sister ― became successful accountants. I felt a sense of inspiration and the need to continue my family legacy by pursuing an accounting degree in my home country.

During this time, I was also providing bookkeeping services for different businesses at the age of 19. I soon decided to place my studies on hold and travel to the United States. As someone who is naturally motivated, I was not going to allow anything to get in the way of reaching my goals, which meant continuing my degree and career.

In 2009, I graduated from Dominion University with a BA/BS in accounting. Today, I’m a certified and driven bookkeeper and accountant with over a decade of industry experience. Having assisted many businesses with their bookkeeping needs and practices, I learned of their concerns, pain points, and the personalized solutions they needed to achieve the growth and success they desired and deserved.

My passionate and patient approach towards my clients stems from the support and love of my family and friends. I love walks on the beach and remain committed to assisting businesses with my bookkeeping services.

Your Dedicated and Professional Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping should never keep you up at night and unable to focus on what matters most to your business.

Mundo Business Solutions was established as a dedicated and professional bookkeeping service to help you work towards business growth and value.

Illustration of business owner stressed and overwhelmed with tasks

With over a decade of experience in the accounting and bookkeeping industry, I’m aware that as a business owner, you may want to do it all.

However, a smart business owner will know that the best strategy is where you can focus on your business, while I manage the important bookkeeping tasks. This will provide the freedom, reliable data, and clarity you need to make informed decisions.

As a small business owner, you give so much of your time and dedication to your professional endeavors.

My purpose is to become your trusted business partner, in which I can take time off your hands and ease your stress by effectively managing your bookkeeping.